Ask me anything   I have been lucky to live and survive a very diverse life after 46 years.
After 13 years of marriage I am deeply, madly in love with my wife.
I am a Prep to my core and have been since I was very young. Most people think I over dress, Since when is a Barefoot Sperry Topsiders, Khaki Shorts and Button Down with the sleeves rolled up overdressed for a neighborhood bar-be-que?
I prefer the Mountains over the Beach, but Love the Ocean.
My three boys are the apple of my eye and as I enter mid life I realized all that I work for is not about me but to give my boys every possible opportunity they wish to explore.

There is a quote; "Funny how some others live it up while others just survive"

I hope you find a glimpse of a wide array of Life, Love and Living in the modest blog of mine.


    Chilly Spring OOTD.  Thank you Ralph Lauren Polo.

    Chilly Spring OOTD. Thank you Ralph Lauren Polo.

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